One of My Favorite Photos: Five Moons in The Bay


The Dude on the Right

At first I considered blogging about my attempt, today, to get on the "Wheel of
Fortune," but I’m not really up for some sad story-telling tonight (as you can
guess my audition slip didn’t get pulled from the big, gold drum, but an older
lady, barely able to walk, with an accent heavier than a ton of bricks, well,
her slip did get pulled, and if that makes me sound bitter, well, yea, I am), so
I thought I would blog about something that every time I see it, it just brings
a smile to my face.

What could do something like that?  Well, of the
thousands of pictures I have taken over the years, between the concert photos,
the candid photos, the sports photos, there has always been one that is in my
top ten of the most memorable photos I have taken but for years it was sort of
lost.  Then, a few days ago, as I have been diligently digitizing my
negatives, I finally came across it, and as my scanner finally did its job I
yelled, "There it is, ‘Five Moons in The Bay!’"

It was over ten years ago, in
1997, on a trip to Long Beach Island, NJ, where a whole slew of my friends
decided that spending a 4th of July weekend in New Jersey had more potential for
fun rather than hanging out in Chicago, and it was fun.  But as my luck
would have it, on a lovely New Jersey night, with the moon aligned just right,
and the reflections coming off of the bay, I was able to snap a masterpiece with
my trusty camera.  Was it my ultimate masterpiece?  Well, I don’t
know, only time will tell, and when I die, like all great artists, we will be
able to see how it stacks up with the likes of the great photographers, but as
photographs are sometimes supposed to make you smile, this might be my "Pièce de

Without further ado, I give you, if you scroll down a bit, …








Five Moons in The Bay


Five Moons Over the Bay,

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!