November 2007 Might Get Me Back to Concerts.


The Dude on the Right

Maybe it was my excitement of getting a ticket to see

Garth Brooks
at my local movie theater, or maybe it’s just because I need to
finally get out of my "not reviewing concerts" funk, or maybe I just need to get
the fuck out the dude-pad and quit watching TV, or maybe I need to get back with
the concert going people, but as look back with regret at all of the concerts
I’ve missed for the year, the end of October and most of November finally might
get me off of my ass to review some concerts in Chicagoland.  There are a
ton of shows I would like to see, oddly most not legendary (Neil Young and

John Fogerty
aside), but shows I know have the potential for something great

Kid Rock
at the Aragon Brawlroom, I mean Aragon Ballroom, or

Sammy Hagar
at the "way-to-nice-although-George
-played there too" Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, IL.  If I
can pull it off quick enough I would like to see "Augustana" at the House of
Blues to close October, and as much as I love Marc Cohn, I’ve never seen Kelly
Clarkson and always wanted to, and she’s at the Chicago Theater next week. 
A Saturday tosses a decision of shooting for radio dude

Jonathon Brandmeier
in a crazy Sundance Saloon v. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at
a not so crazy Vic Theatre, and then, if I can’t get a chance to see Garth
Brooks live and in the flesh early in his 9 show stint in Kansas City, I’m sure
Stu Gotz would like to see

Tori Amos
wiggling on her piano stool at the Auditorium Theatre.

that’s only half of November.

Continuing, as much as I would like to see Gary
Allan opening up for Keith Urban at the Allstate Arena, I’m thinking I’ll like
(that’s Tommy Shaw from

and other bands, and Jack Blades from Night Ranger and other bands)
show at Joe’s on Weed Street a hell of a lot better if I can get there early
enough to get a spot at the front of the stage for photo purposes.  Then
there is Vanessa Carlton at the perfect Park West, and even though she has a new
album out I would like to see her play "White Houses" (even though Steve Dahl in
Chicago at WCKG couldn’t seem to get a line in the song right when it came out),
but the Thanksgiving holiday might throw a monkey wrench into my seeing  "The
Swell Season,
" the group of musicians from the movie "Once"
whom I’ve come to love lately.

As October comes to a close I’m guessing I’ll
miss "Hall
& Oates
" at The Vic due to a reunion weekend, but as December hits, on the
1st, a new dilemma comes:  Shoot for

Billy Joel
at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates or stake my spot at the
reunion dinner.

The end of October, all of November, and the beginning of
December have so many choices.  I suppose I just better get off of my ass
and make some, choices that is.  And quit watching so much damn TV.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!