Missing the Award Shows, Movies and Movie Previews, and an iPhone WebClip.


The Dude on the Right

With this weekend coming to a close, and my having "The Screen Actors Guild
Awards" on my TV, I realize that as much as I have been hating not getting new
TV shows, other than the reality ones, I do miss the award shows that propagate
the airwaves at the beginning of the year.  Why?  It’s not the crap in
between the awards because who really wants to hear bad jokes that can’t offend
anyone, but I do miss the speeches from those that win the awards, especially
from those who are surprised they actually won the award.  We missed the
drunken ones that might have happened during "The Golden Globe Awards," but
damn, I hope the writers and the TV and whomever folks need to do it come to an
agreement so that "The Academy Awards" can be the exploited award show we have
grown to know and love, and maybe just give us that one speech, from one
surprise winner, to make us dream (I’m cheering on Ellen Page).

On another
note, this weekend saw me getting to see a couple of movies, namely

which I really liked, and

"Meet the Spartans,"
not so much.  I also got all of
my movie
up to date, thanks mostly to Tiger Woods making The Buick
Invitational one of the most boring golf tournaments ever by beating the crap
out of the competition, and the CBS announcers sounding like little schoolboys
trying to call a golf outing, with one already pronouncing that this will be the
year Tiger Woods wins the Grand Slam of golf and another (or maybe it was the
same dude, I get them confused) upset because no one was able to get a birdie
on the hole he was covering.  I know Tiger was so far ahead that it was
nearly impossible for him to lose the tournament, but for goodness sake, can’t
you golf announcers control yourself?  He skipped Hawaii; it’s only
January; 2008 is the same length as any other year; with 320 days left, on any
given day in 2008, Tiger might lose a tournament; but where is the dignity that
is golf?  CBS folks, please go back and listen to your broadcast and boot
the crap out of the broadcast of those who have already lost their minds in January.

And finally, on a last geek note, I have said before that I have an iPhone. 
Fine, I’m a geek.  With the Macsomethingorotherconference, the world of
Apple gave me another iPhone update, still leaving me without the ability to cut
and paste, but that’s another blog for another time.  What they did do, for
the firmware update of 1.1.3, was give the iPhone the ability to add a WebClip
to your iPhone.  Pretty much it means that on your iPhone homepage you can
have a cute little graphic that when you touch it, well, it will open the web
page associated with that WebClip.  Hell, that’s too complicated
to explain.  Look, if you have an iPhone, and you like our web site,
Entertainment Ave!, go to our home
on your iPhone, click the "+" at the bottom of your iPhone screen and
add us to your homepage.  We, unlike other non-cool sites, will have a cool
icon on your iPhone that looks like our favicon, that when you touch it on your
iPhone (and it also works for your iTouch, I think), instantly logs you onto
Entertainment Ave!, keeping you informed of what’s new.

Be smart, be safe, and
if you like TV pray that the TV folks give in to the will of the writer folks,
otherwise 2008 will be the year of reality, and who wants that, unless, of
course, the dudettes on "Survivor: Where Ever They Are." are hot and
get hotter with losing weight.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!