Missing Carmina Burana, Four Movies in Two Days, Trapped in a Closet, and My Niece Needs Sensitivity Training.


The Dude on the Right

The last podcast I did solo, well, I tried to keep it under 10 minutes, and came
pretty damn close.  I did this specifically at the request of my sister and
my niece.  What thanks do I get? – A slam from my niece.  That being
written, for this podcast I give you some incite into the world of "Carmina
Burana" from Carl Orff, and discuss my plan for seeing four movies in two days,
namely "My
Super Ex-Girlfriend,
" "Monster
" "The
Lady in the Water,
" (or as Ivan Reitman calls it, "The Chick in the Pool"),
and "Clerks
."  It’s a busy weekend for me.  I was also happy to see
Comedy Central
re-run the South Park episode of "Trapped in a Closet" and I give a teary-eyed
discussion about my niece needing sensitivity training.

And if you know the secret to printing a
Google Calendar in
color, in an easy manner, I’ve got a free Entertainment Ave! golf shirt and hat
for you if you’re the first to e-mail that secret to me at

Thanks for listening.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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  • Sister

    Dear Brother,
    No comment on my daughter needing sensitivity training. :)) As for the google calendar I can’t even get it to print in color. I don’t think it does.

  • neice!!!

    hello there uncle…
    i know u were not crying…suck it up and be a man!!! and dont say the p word on there! thats dirty!! sicko! so..instead of me calling u that..i shall meow..haha!! and i should be your fav. neice im your only neice..unless u plan on moving your nephew up a level?? and so..instead of calling your podcast gay….i will say this…
    o wait..i dont need to say anything.u said it yourself. “IT SUCKED!” HEHE IM J/K! u know i love u w/ all my heart and no less! 🙂