I Wanna Kiss You All Over, You Sexy Thing.


The Dude on the Right

This week has really been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows.  First
there were the new commercials for the

letting the world, and me, know it will finally be available June
29th.  Then there was the second to last episode of "The Sopranos" where
Tony’s crew is chopped down faster than a crop at harvest time, leaving what
appears to be only morons left on Tony’s crew, who, holed up in a safe-house,
decide to get some pizza delivered.  Then the Chicago Cubs won.  Then
the Cubs lost.  Then the Cubs won again.  The Chicago White Sox are
heading into a death spiral, and I can’t believe it but my Cleveland Cavaliers
are in the basketball finals, although most people in America probably don’t
care.  My dad has a birthday today (Happy Birthday, Dad, you should get
your card tomorrow), and so far I haven’t been sucked into any summer TV.

you might be saying to yourself "Self, what the hell is The Dude’s problem? 
There aren’t any real lows there?"

Well it was on Sunday that the week of lows
started to begin.  You see, there I was, in the Dude-Mobile, listening to
my Sirius satellite radio, tuned on the Super Shuffle station where they play
music from all walks of life.  Suddenly the song "Kiss You All Over" by the
group Exile comes on
(for a point of reference, it was released in 1978, when I was 11, nearly 30
years ago).  But it being from nearly 30 years ago didn’t scare me, no,
what scared me is that I found myself singing along,

word for word:
"You can see it in my eyes, I can feel it in your touch. You
don’t have to say a thing, just let me show how much. Love you, need you, yeah.
I wanna kiss you all over, and over again. I wanna kiss you all over, till the
night closes in, till the night closes in."  Fine, I have a freakishly
great memory for some bizarre things, and that initially didn’t cause my lows
for the week, until, suddenly, for the last three days, at any given moment, and
for no apparent reason, I find myself singing in my head "So show me, show me
everything you do. ‘Cause baby, no one does it quite like you. Love you, need
you, oh babe." and into the chorus I go.  I fear for my sanity, and hope
that somehow, someway, a better song sticks in my head.  Soon.

As Sunday
came and went I thought about blogging this week about how "The Sopranos" might
end this Sunday (the most bizarre sounding finale I’ve heard so far has A.J.
going all Jihad on the New York Mafia, finding out where Phil is, and strapping
on a suicide bomber outfit), thought about blogging about how the iPhone looks
to be the coolest cell phone ever, or even writing about Paris Hilton in jail. 
I finally decided on disclosing my knowledge of "Kiss You All Over" by Exile in
hopes, I guess, that by doing so, well, I can finally move on and have another
song drive me insane, like maybe
"You Sexy
Thing" by Hot Chocolate
.  I believe in miracles.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!