I Hate Ike, Getting Shot, Forgetting “The Goonies,” and Remembering The World Trade Center


The Dude on the Right

another solo podcast
this time, mostly because I didn’t want The W.G.N.
delaying his getting out of Dodge, or at least Houston, what with Hurricane Ike
barreling down on the area like a lipsticked pig would be drawn to mud, in order
to be a part of, well, my discussing getting shot, September 11th, and if you
can actually put lipstick on a pig.  Oh, hell, I can’t even figure out the
controversy with the Barack Obama lipstick thing because if anyone thinks he was
calling Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin a pig, well, are you stupid? 
She’s the furthest thing from a "pig" that we have ever probably had running for
Vice President.

But this podcast isn’t a lot about politics, I do explain a
dream I had last night where I got shot even though I was just trying to help,
about my forgetting the movie "The Goonies," and on the anniversary of September
11th, today being Patriot Day and all, for whatever reason I flipped through an
old scrapbook and remembered that I had actually been at the top of The World
Trade Center, back in 1985, and have a picture that can never be taken from the
spot I was standing in ever again.  Weirdly, it took me too long to
remember this.

Thanks for listening!

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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