Do you inspect your pet’s poop?

Our dog, Milo, has sensitive insides. At the earliest stages of his life it was a challenge to find food that worked for him without giving him intestinal issues that ranged from vomiting, to regurgitation, to diarrhea, to generally being sick, not eating, ending up underweight, and with icky poop. We finally found a vet, Dr. Karen Becker, who is both awesome and also seemed to know what was going on. After starting him on a simple diet of turkey and canned pumpkin, we finally got Milo’s digestive system on a decent track. She explained the benefits of a raw food diet, which when you think about it makes perfect sense, they are dogs after all, and where, in nature, would they find processed kibble to eat? No, they are generally tearing an animal to shreds and eating raw meat, remember? The other thing she told us was that the ultimate goal was for Milo to have “bronze-able poop.” Yup, we were instructed to inspect his poop regularly, and as his digestive system would get in line, his poop would become the kind you could bronze and put on a plaque on the wall proudly telling your friends, “Look at my dog’s poop!”

So, with instructions in hand, I began years of inspecting Milo’s poop. I would pick it up (No, not with my hands), and regularly check it for firmness, and yes, looking for anything wiggling in it signifying a really bad problem. Sometimes there are long hairs in it which causes it to dangle from his butt when he poops, and every now and then he gets in the habit of eating his dog litter so low and behold, there is some litter in it. Happily he hasn’t eaten anything like money or jewelry where I’ve had to actually break apart the poop, but I’m happy to say that, for the most part, Milo’s poop is “bronze-able!”

It was the other day, while doing my daily inspection, that I wondered if other people are out there doing the same, and so I plight: “Do you inspect your pet’s poop?”

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!