Daylight Saving Time Just Isn’t the Same


The Dude on the Right

So a group of us got together last night and since this is the new weekend for
Daylight Saving Time, we reminisced a bit about how back in college the changing
of the clocks pretty much had two meanings – "Spring"ing forward sucked because
it was one less hour to drink, while Fall"ing backward was party time, but for
each season there was always the untold rule of pretty much doing absolutely
nothing during the afternoon except watch TV (my choice was golf) in order to
begin resetting the body clock, and then getting back to studying that night.  I told the tale of how I was late for Easter mass one
Sunday because I forget to set my clock ahead and walked in halfway through
mass, while Whammy now laments one less hour of sleep.  The Dude on the
Left sees things a little differently, namely that you shouldn’t miss out on
your hour of sleep, that you should still get your prescribed nine hours and the
hell with the rest of the day, while Stu Gotz and Mama Gotz quickly reminded The
Dude on the Left of his lack of children who don’t really grasp the concept of
time changes nor sleeping in.

Mostly Entertainment
And while I had many intentions of being very
productive today, maybe catching another movie, doing some DVD reviews, or
cleaning, when I woke up this morning, looked at the clock that said 8:15, which
really meant 9:15 because I didn’t reset it yet, I knew today was going to be
pretty much useless in terms of getting much done because I was already out of
synch with my day.  So resigned to the fact of a discombobulated Sunday, my
accomplishments have been few today, but I think I’m okay with that.  I did
watch a DVD I need to review, called "Spiral," which I’ll write about later this
week, I did get this cool Headline Animator going for our
Mostly Entertainment
on the web site (sure, it’s only on the home page right now, and here, but
I did say today was going to be useless).  Such was my afternoon.

evening is even looking even more exciting as I finally decide if Flickr will be
the site for posting all of the old family photos I am trying to scan,
archive, and get out on the web for all to see. 
I mentioned in a previous blog about enlisting Mom’s help in
identifying a batch of photos, and since I’ve finally settled on my Canon
scanner to do the job, I’ve been e-mailing her copies of the pictures, at first
just looking for simple things like who is in the photo, maybe an age or year,
but Mom has gone a step further, giving some nice back stories, like for this
picture of a baby and a dog she e-mailed me back (My Mom is so hip!): "I’m
positive that is me in the
rocker as Mother always talked about how the dog would be by my side to protect
me.  The dog’s name was Skippy.  There was another dog who was the
mascot of the Boy Scout’s Troop, and he was called Trooper.  A beautiful
dog.  His dog house was back by the garage."

My body clock should be
back to normal tomorrow, and maybe having Daylight Saving Time a few weeks
earlier isn’t so bad, especially since it looks like those of us in Chicagoland
will be breaking out of our cold spell for a week.  All I do know is that
it was so much easier to deal with time changes back in college.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!