Bowling, A Mac World, and More!


The Dude on the Right

So this week I’m trying to get back to postings, trying to get back to normalcy,
and as such

I get back to a new podcast
and I talk just a tad about the weirdness of the
death of my mom, with now it just being time to move on.  And I did move
on, today, entering the world of Apple by getting a MacBook laptop and now
having to learn new stuff (like is it possible to plug in two headsets to the
laptop and being able to control the volume of each microphone independently to
record a podcast with Stu Gotz?), hoping I can come up with some cool iPhone
application to make a lot of money (or at least about $3.00), and wondering
about that "Boot Camp" thing to maybe set things up to run Windows on a Mac,
which now that I think about it, just seems wrong.

This podcast also talks
bowling prowess, at least when I entered college, at IIT
, where The Unknown
Reviewers were born, where for now the archives of Technology News, the campus
newspaper, just hint at my greatness, at least on the bowling lanes. 
Eventually, though, should be the article when I, The Dude on the Right, as well
as The Dude on the Left, were born.  It will probably be funny, it might
even be scary, and I do know, if they have them, one of the issues will also
introduce a dude named Walt, as well as the exploits of one PBDB, and not to be
forgotten will be the proliferation of the term "dudette."

I also talk a bit
about politics for this podcast, you know, Barack Obama and John McCain, but why
not, with the election being next Tuesday.  Go vote!

And with the
archives of my old, campus newspaper coming online, in the words of The Dude on
the Left, C.U. Next Thursday, or actually Monday for a podcast with Stu Gotz!

Thanks for listening!

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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