Apologies to The WGN&N, Bro-i-l, Sis, and Night Ranger. That Said, Happy 4th of July!


The Dude on the Right

This podcast is about apologies and Happy 4th of July – hoping you keep all
of your appendages.

The first apology is to
Night Ranger, their
fans, my fans, and the fact that I obviously don’t have an
AMS Seal of Approval
because my weather forecasting ability sucks.  I didn’t go to their concert
at the Arlington Heights Frontier Day’s Festival because I was afraid of
thunder, lightning, and general storminess, although from the looks of things as
it panned out, well, the weather didn’t seem to end up being that bad at all by
showtime, and I probably missed a great show.  Hopefully I’ll get to see
them in Ottawa, IL, at the end of July, but at least I do have

their new CD, "Hole In The Sun,"
to listen to.  If you’re a Night
Ranger fan, you should go and get your copy of the CD to listen to, too.

the second apology front, well, it looks like I’m now in the doghouse with my
family, so I would like to apologize to The WGN&N (That’s "The World’s Greatest
Niece and Nephew"), my Bro-i-l (No, that’s not a way to cook, it’s short for my
brother-in-law), and also my Sis, but with some prejudice for her.  For
what it’s worth, I didn’t sleep much last night, not because of pissing off my
sis or Bro-i-l, but the last two people I ever want to upset are The WGN&N, so
to them, I am sorry.

What I won’t feel sorry for is you, the reader, if over
this 4th of July you blow off an appendage or two because you wanted to test the
"firecracker" theory you saw in the movie "Armageddon," decide to "look inside"
the launching tube of the firework that didn’t go off yet, or don’t impress on
your kids that the reasons sparklers, well, sparkle, is because they are on
fire, and that flaming part on the sparkler rod, well, it can reach about 1800
degrees F, and for comparison’s sake, if you want to get yourself cremated,
whether you are dead or alive, cremation takes place at about the same
temperature, even a little less.  If you give kids sparklers, for goodness
sake, be a good parent, make sure they "sparkle" away from their bodies, and for
the love of your kids, and your neighbor’s kids, don’t ever let them have
"Sparkler Sword Fights."

Happy 4th of July.  Be safe.  And We’ll C.
U. Next Monday.  That just doesn’t have the ring to it like The Dude on the
Left used to sign off.  Oh well.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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