30 Minutes to The Christmas Spirit!


The Dude on the Right

Normally, by now, I’m sort of getting into the Christmas spirit, and you would
think that with the blanket of snow we got last night it would kick that feeling
into high gear (I’m Catholic so for for me it’s Christmas – If you want me to be
in the "Holiday" spirit, well, screw you), but for whatever reason I’m still in
"Bah-humbug!" mode.  I’ve got no gumption to set up my Christmas display,
the only gumption I do have is to at least set up my Christmas Tree, maybe, and
the dude-pad could also use a good cleaning.  My December TV viewing is
coming to a crashing halt thanks to the writer’s strike, and my excitement about
football is nearly over as the Chicago Bears are pretty much out of it while
their only use this week is in screwing up my Thursday night TV viewing thanks
to their being the Thursday Night Football game on the NFL Network which no one,
except me (and maybe The Dude on the Left), can view, because I am insane and
need to have every cable channel I can get.

Normally a Christmas movie or two
might get me into the spirit, but I didn’t like

"Fred Claus"
that much, and as my weekends finally get back to a little
normalcy I could really care less about

"The Golden Compass"
which opens this weekend, even though I know I should
review it to at least get something new posted entertainment-wise.  Sure, I
could catch up on some movies I haven’t seen yet, but I’m thinking neither "Hitman"
nor "The Mist" will make me want to bellow "Ho Ho Ho," or as they are supposed
to do in Australia now, "Ha Ha Ha!"

you know what?  Chicken butt!  Actually, as I’ve been writing this
blog, I’ve also been going back and forth between my typing and my looking for
pictures of my Christmas display from last year, and then I remembered I posted
a blog about it, with pictures, and now I’m sort of sorry for that "screw you"
earlier in this blog because the pictures made me laugh, like the one in this
blog where it looks like my mountain is the giant head of a snow monster,
looking to eat my Christmas village!  And you know what twice? Fried rice! 
Actually, in a span of about thirty minutes I’m almost getting into the
Christmas spirit.  I just remembered the gifts I want to buy for my niece
and nephew as they will be visiting the old homestead for the wondrous holiday
celebrating the birth of my Lord, Jesus Christ (and please people, quit stealing
him away from his manger), maybe it’s actually a blessing that the Bears might
wrap up any hope of continuing their season tomorrow, thus leaving my Sunday
with football I don’t care about (unless the Cleveland Browns might be on my
airwaves, but that will wait for Sunday to find out), movies I don’t care about,
and maybe it will now be a weekend of music and seeing if I can make my
snow-mountain look like a snow-mountain, rather than a snow monster.

suddenly, thirty minutes later after I started typing this blog, I’m almost
totally into the Christmas spirit, or the Holiday spirit, or just hoping you
celebrate something this month by being with friends, family, or maybe just your
pet.  I think I know where my obsession with creating a Christmas display
came from, and it was during my days as a manager of a Radio Shack where I
actually had a working waterfall complete with goldfish in the "lake" of the
display.  I couldn’t find the picture of that display (yet), though I still
see it in my head, and now I also wonder whatever happened to Mitzi, my one
sales associate.

Alright, I’ve got to finish this blog now before it totally
ends up being a novel because, as I am now getting into the Christmas spirit, a
lot of past Decembers are flooding into my head, with most of those Decembers
bringing a smile to my face.

I’m back with the Christmas spirit.  Now if
only I could find that picture of my "stunning" Radio Shack display.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!