Why Do Men Understand Boobs Better Than Women?

So, I have shared

my nudie bar adventure
in Vegas to the masses, and what I have noticed is
that all you men out there appreciate my experience. You all are interested in
how good the boobs looked, what size they were, if they were perfectly shaped,
and if they were just generally attractive. These are the types of questions I
had hoped would come out of my experience: An appreciation of the cosmetic
surgeon’s work.

BUT THEN… Here come the girlfriends, wives, and general psycho females to
ruin my investigative reporting, who are more interested in trying to make the
sweet stripper into a cow with breasts. Now this is what I do not understand:
Women have breasts, most having breasts by the time they are 30 that are usually
bigger then a 5 year olds. So by the time you are in your thirties I expect a
woman to understand what a breast size means. Hell, most men I know can tell me
what size my breasts are without a tape measure! Apparently the concept a 40D
breast size that is SILICONE or SALINE, a.k.a. AN IMPLANT must now somehow
equate to the size of the women. Have you picked up a Playboy magazine lately
ladies (you know you allllllll want too)? Fake boobs are perfect and usually
much, much larger then anything a woman of age 23, weighing 115 lbs, would ever
have as an act of nature. So when I am telling you that the sweet and cute
stripper had 40D boobs, DON’T tell me she was fat. First off, she was not. She
was far from fat, and because I know she had silicone implants, having larger
boobs just made sense – If you are sending a skilled surgeon into your chest to
improve something, and it isn’t your heart, you sure are not going for the 32A
special – That would seem pretty pointless.

So please, girls, I know you don’t like when your husband, boyfriend,
booty-call nor lesbian lover likes looking at other women’s breasts, but don’t
start bashing the girls that possess them. This does not make you better then
her, does not make your significant-other worship you more, it mostly makes you
seem jealous! Ladies, sometimes we have to THINK before we speak! Geez!!!!

See ya!
Trash 🙂