Merry Christmas to All!

I suppose a later post might encompass how my Christmas celebrating has changed in the past couple of years since my parents died and I’m now engaged (that thought was spurred on by My BFF who asked me this morning how my family would have been celebrating Christmas today, other than seeing a movie, of course), a discourse about the table top Christmas tree v. the floor standing Christmas tree v. the live Christmas tree, how college friends still keep getting together in December, every year, for over twenty years, the plight of the nauga,


Who knew Gene Simmons was such a great actor?  Okay, maybe not great, but as scheister lawyer Joe Adler, I loved him.  The movie is “Extract,” and you are definitely getting this Blu-ray for the movie because the extras, well, let’s get to that at the end.

To Eat Shrimp, or Not to Eat Shrimp? That is the question.

The thing is that over the years I actually wanted to try to eat some shrimp again, just to see what would happen, and I have a relative and a friend that both have allergies, so much so that they are supposed to carry this EpiPen thingy. There I was, ready to chow down, only to have both of them tell me that their EpiPens had expired, to which they both looked at me like “Yea, I know, I should probably have that thing current, shouldn’t I?”, but that wouldn’t help me if my own medical experiment proved shrimp was the cause.

No Blago, Some Big O, Being Sicko, and Obamo.

Stu Gotz starts things off by trying to figure out why I’m not going to read “The Governor” by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagejovich. Meanwhile, as I’m ruining the podcast with coughing fits as I get over a cold, Stu isn’t suffering from his allergies, at least while we are recording. … the big news in Chicago was Oprah shutting down Michigan Avenue for her kick-off special with the Black Eyed Peas, among others, and nationally President Obama was going to talk to kids…And finally, Stu caught “Whatever, Martha!” with Jennifer Koppelman Hutt and Alexis Stewart, for whatever reason

Race to Witch Mountain

Look, the story is simple enough: Cabbie picks up two aliens who need to break into a government fortress hiding a spaceship, and along the way he seems to fall in love with the alien specialist who can’t believe she is actually hanging with aliens, let alone a hunk like The Rock.

The Soloist

In simplest terms, for “The Soloist,” Jamie Foxx portrays a real-life dude named Nathaniel Ayers. Nathaniel’s a musical virtuoso who went to Julliard and then suffered a mental breakdown, resulting is his living on the streets of Los Angeles. Robert Downey Jr. portrays Steve Lopez. He’s a journalist who one day runs into Nathaniel on the street,.