Television Shows

Have You Watched a Concert on TV?

Andy thought about writing about the recent primary elections in Illinois, but Pitbull seemed to be having so much fun while Andy was watching his concert from SXSW that he began to wonder if TV might be the way to see a concert, at least if you are too lazy to get to a venue.

Did You Watch All of the Academy Awards?

I don’t know as I’m writing this if I’ll make it to the end of the Academy Awards, but I do know there hasn’t been a year I purposely missed watching Hollywood pat itself on the back for a job well done. I’m wondering if you made it a late night, or felt sleep was more important.

Are you paying attention to the MLB baseball playoffs?

The Dude on the Right realized the title of the plight technically contains “the Major League Baseball baseball playoffs,” but much like ATM machine is “automated teller machine machine,” he doesn’t care. What he does care about is that the baseball playoffs, and upcoming World Series, of which he has no interest in, are interrupting his watching of “The X Factor” and complaining about Paulina Rubio and how she is ruining the show. It’s Daily Plight, and The Dude isn’t paying attention to baseball.

Do You Think the Jimmy Kimmel / Kanye West Twitter Fight was Fake?

Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West got in a little Twitter fight last week, and it looks like most media fell for it hook, line, and sinker, much like they did with the “Twerking FAIL” clip that Kimmel floated a few weeks earlier. The Dude on the Right says “most media” as Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune found it odd there was a new person in charge of latenight programming at ABC, who just so happened to be instrumental with the Kardashians on E! The Dude is calling “foul,” and plights if you think the Kimmel / Kanye Twitter feud is just another Kimmel hoax. The Dude on the Right plights.

Have you Tweeted a Correction to an Earlier Tweet?

Thankfully our own Dude on the Right didn’t tweet out the photo of the Will Smith family supposedly reacting to Miley Cyrus because, well, they were actually reacting to Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga might be mad because she wasn’t “Miss Outrageous” of the night and didn’t get the initial publicity, but The Dude plights if you tweeted to your being wrong.

Did You Try to Watch the MTV VMA’s Online?

The Dude on the Right tried to watch the MTV VMA’s online as he wasn’t near a cable feed. He figures that either MTV screwed up their feed and messed up by showing feeds of things like the audience and Stage Manager, or they did a great job at hoodwinking every news outlet into writing stories saying MTV was streaming the VMA’s online, when actually they were only streaming crappy views no one wanted to watch. The Dude plights wondering who else tried to watch the VMA’s online and was pissed.

Are You a Fan of “Duck Dynasty?”

The Dude on the Right would like to say he knows nothing about “Duck Dynasty,” but from the constant promotion he is inundated with, including seeing merchandising at the local Wal-mart, noticing their books on The New York Time Best Sellers, seeing them on a country music special, and being reminded the show is on by his sister, well, he won’t be watching the series anytime soon. He wonders if you will, and so he plights.