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Old Boots. New Dirt.

Sometimes you should try to listen to other songs on an album if the first single on the radio doesn’t float your boat. Andy learned his lesson because he didn’t care for “Burnin’ It Down” from Jason Aldean’s latest album, “Old Boots. New Dirt.”, but by the end of this review he’s giving it 93% on the Entertainment Ave! Listenability Scale.


Lady Antebellum - 747Andy is a fan of Lady Antebellum, and their latest album, 747, keeps him in their grasp even though they venture a tad and kick things up a notch. It’s a 91% on the Entertainment Ave! Listenability scale for this review!

The Job

Michael Stanley, and his band, is near and dear to the heart of Andy, so whenever he has new music out, there is sure to be one customer. Andy was not disappointed in Mr. Stanley’s latest offering, “The Job,” and gives it 100% on the Entertainment Ave! listenability scale.

Do You Buy Any Music on CD Anymore?

There’s a new CD by Michael Stanley called “The Job” out, but sadly it doesn’t look like Andy will be listening to it anytime soon because he doesn’t want to wait for a disc to arrive in the mail. He wants to listen now, but it’s not on iTunes yet.

Will We Hear Another Song from The Chainsmokers?

There’s a new, viral song called “#selfie” that is exploding on the charts. Okay, maybe not exploding, but it’s kind of a funny song, and also a kind of sad commentary on girls who go to clubs. Andy kind of likes it, at least probably for about a month, but wonders if we will ever hear from the due that put it out, The Chainsmokers, ever again.

Do You Have Any Desire to See an Opera?

It was a commercial on TV for a show at the Chicago Opera House that reminded Andy of his desire to one day see an opera. That, in turn, reminded him that someday he would like to see the Chicago Symphony perform the works of Carl Orff. He knows most people have heard “O Fortuna,” but have no idea what it is, and also wonders if you want to see an opera.

Has a Music Video Ever Ruined a Song for You?

The Dude on the Right admits his admiration for girl pop music, and yes, even admits to liking some Miley Cyrus. Originally a fan of her song “Wrecking Ball” (not to be ever confused with the Bruce Springsteen song by the same name), he fears the song has now been ruined by his watching of the music video on Vevo, complete with Miley sticking out her tongue a lot and prancing around naked. He’s also concerned she may also ruin Saturday Night Live for him when she hosts and sings on it this weekend. His advice is really for Miley to stop sticking out her tongue, but in the process plights if a video has ruined a song for you.

Ingram Hill

Artist: Ingram Hill Listenability Scale: 91% Released By: Rock Ridge Music A Review by: – The Dude on the Right I will say that I didn’t know a thing about Ingram Hill (It’s a band, not a person), when their…