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Are You a Toilet Roll Replacer?

Andy doesn’t want to call out the lazy-asses out there who are too lazy to change the toilet paper roll even though a fresh roll of toilet paper is sitting right there on the back of the toilet, but he does wonder what else you might be doing while sitting there.

Do You Own a George Foreman Grill?

So this morning, knowing our next two days were going to be hectic and not wanting to have to figure out dinner, that and the fact that I already thawed the chicken and didn’t want to throw it away, in…

Holy Crap, I Made an iPhone App!

I so wanted my first post announcing my first iPhone app to be filled with gloriousness, with “Hey, go out and get it!”, with “Let me know what you think!”, with “Sure, I know it’s $.99 and you want it…

Where Did My Morning Go?

Here I start by sending the gift of fish food to my aquarium neighbors.  Damn, I’m a good neighbor! Of course my fish tank has gotten dirty overnight so I scrub it clean, and then my fish are hungry so it’s time for their morning feeding, but as I’m also trying to make my fish smarter, what the heck, let’s train a couple of them!

Paranormal Activity, Hair Cuts, To H1N1 or Not to H1N1, and The Bears Still Suck.

Yes, we also talk about the Chicago Bears although we might not talk about them much more as the only good thing about the game for me was seeing my future in-laws, and we both wonder about the H1N1 virus, a.k.a. Swine Flu scare, and how Stu thinks the vaccine people need to take a lesson from Scotty in Star Trek when coming up with their vaccine production predictions.