Old Dogs

I saw “Old Dogs” in the theater and didn’t like it that much, but I liked it a lot more when I watched it in the privacy of my own pad. My Blu-ray review of “Old Dogs” is posted, and pretty much you will get exactly what you expect. It has its moments, but this is really a movie to watch with the kids, and maybe chuckle along with them.

What Would Brian Boitano Do?, What Did Stu See?, What Girl Scout Cookies Do We Like?, and More!

By: The Dude on the Right

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Stu Gotz wishes everyone "Happy Dupa Day!." I know what Brian Boitano would do, and Olympic withdrawal isn’t really a part of this episode of our "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast. Sure, the Winter Olympics are over and Stu Gotz has a new Wii game about it, but both of us are actually happy the sport’s fest is over because that means our normal TV viewing is back, especially "Chuck," although we could both do without Jay Leno returning, and we analyze "The Marriage Ref." Me, I didn’t see any movies but did hit a lot of stores, while Stu and the Gotz clan went to see "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" and he says that "Harry Potter" has nothing to worry about.

Stu does make me a little bummed, as I think about it now, because he’s got Girl Scout Cookies on the way, and I have none, but I’ll get over it as I sort of spill the beans a little about a project I’m finishing up that has kept me away from movie-going. Stu wonders if my BFF will be mad if we have a boys day and see "Alice in Wonderland" this Friday, he also is looking forward to the DVD of "Gentlemen Broncos," and is preparing for Daylight Saving Time on March 14th, and me, well, next week I’m hoping to make a giant announcement, a huge announcement, or at least an announcement, but for now you’ll have to listen to get a clue!

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Stu Gotz watched the recently released Blu-ray version of “Fame,” the re-make that was in theaters in 2009, and let’s just say that he’s not a fan. Okay, he pretty much didn’t like the movie at all, and he’s got his reasons. Oddly enough, and usually Stu likes thinks quick and to the point, but he thought the movie would have been better served as a three part mini-series so that there could be more character development, and not really surprising, he wishes that mini-series could have been on HBO or Showtime so that the portrayal could have been a little bit more true-to-life, what with the swearing, fighting, and general mayhem that kids can get into nowadays.

Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

The Dude on the Right was a half-fan of “Family Guy,” a full-fan of “Star Wars,” so he expected to be a 3/4 fan of “Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.” Oddly enough he became a 5 Star fan of the Blu-ray, and during is review he does his best to explain why.  Okay, he doesn’t really explain too much, but he loved the extended episode, is becoming a “Family Guy” convert, and thinks “Family Guy” fans will love the “Fact-Up” Special Feature.

A Roomba Review, A Sherlock Holmes Reviews, Christmas is Gone, and a Batch of WTF’s.

This is more of a "Christmas Weekend Wrap-Up" podcast rather than just a "Weekend Wrap-Up," so The Dude on the Right and Stu Gotz discuss the various gifts they received, how the little Gotz’s got a few too many gifts, and Stu gives his review of the Roomba.  Both of the boys saw "Sherlock Holmes" and they give their take on the film, The Dude on the Right tells Stu if he should rent "Julie & Julia" to watch with Mama Gotz, and they both think "Kelly’s Heroes" is a kick-ass movie.  There is talk about the airplane bomber dude, about AT&T sucking by not selling iPhones to people in New York City (although they seem to be selling them again), about someone who should know what an iPod is but doesn’t, and about ungrateful family members.  With the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football playing the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre, the boys don’t talk about football for this podcast, but then again, with the Bears sucking so bad, who cares?


"G-Force" is coming out on Blu-ray and DVD, and The Dude on the Right reviews the movie, even though he doesn’t have kids. He likes the movie for what it is, but probably doesn’t realize how smart kids are nowadays, wondering if they will understand the entire concept of a computer virus, let alone guinea pigs being able to communicate with humans. Hopefully the kids will stick to enjoying the movie rather than trying to outfit their real guinea pigs with blow-torches, but in any case, thanks to The Dude’s buddy, Stu Gotz, The Dude figures the movie will be good for the kids, and for the parents.


Sure, the DVD of "Duplicity" came out a little while ago, but The Dude on the Right finally got to it on his Netflix queue and decided he should have put something else on that list. It’s not that he didn’t like the story concept because sure, who doesn’t like some corporate espionage and Julia Roberts almost getting naked, but the dude thinks the movies just tried to hard to be "surprising" instead of buttoning up the story. The Blu-ray doesn’t even have anything that cool on it, so go ahead, rent the movie, and see if your honey will give you some loving after spending two hours watching this one.

The Kevin Smith Collection: Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

"Clerks" and "Chasing Amy" have now made it to Blu-ray, but during his review of "The Kevin Smith Collection: Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back," The Dude on the Right is still wondering why there is a documentary about the making of "Jay and Silent Bob" on the "Clerks" disc. Yes, he listened to Kevin Smith explain why, but The Dude has his own thoughts on the box set, and thinks maybe it is time for a full-blown Kevin Smith set. In the end The Dude thought the "Chasing Amy" disc is the best value for your money, but hey, you have a Blu-ray player so you might as well watch something in black and white on it and "Clerks" is hilarious no matter on what screen.