DVD/Video Reviews


Thinking back Andy was impressed they were able to make as good a blood-splattering thriller as they did with almost all of it centered around scenes in and around a van. If a machete slicing off some fingers makes you squeamish stay away, but otherwise Andy gives 4 of 5 stars for VANish.


There are documentaries on just about anything, and now there is one about an adult entertainment website that deals mostly with BDSM. Andy liked the documentary though he thought things got a little too preachy at times. He also saw a few too many penises for his liking, and not enough boobs, or at least not enough boobs without nipple clamps.

The Overnighters

The OvernightersGo to North Dakota and make millions, or at least get a job. That was the dream of many, and for some that dream became a reality. For many others, though, that dream became a nightmare, or at least a bigger struggle, especially for one Reverend who had his own troubles while trying to help others. Andy reviews “The Overnighters,” a 4 star of 5 documentary.


Can old people learn how to use the Internet? Hell yes! Cyber-Seniors is a 3 1/2 star documentary showing what it’s like to teach them, and before you know it you might be Shura Eadie in the movie making grilled cheese on YouTube, or Andy’s Mom-in-Law, in his life, discovering Snapchat as GrandmaEleanor. Andy gives his review.

Bound by Flesh

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to stuck to your brother or sister for all of your life, “Bound by Flesh” is a great documentary showing the challenges faced, especially in the days when “Freakery sells.” Andy gives it 4 stars out of 5.

The Final Member

Who knew it was so difficult to get a penis donor? That, in essence, is the underlying theme of “The Final Member,” one of the most riveting and at times hilarious documentaries that will make most men cross their legs and give that “protect my junk” gesture with their hands, while women will watch in utter amazement at the quest for a penis specimen. Andy reviews it and even he can’t believe he gives it 5 stars out of 5.

Hot Guys with Guns

Available through VOD now! On DVD May 8th!
Andy wasn’t really sure about watching “Hot Guys with Guns,” especially since he thought it was just going to be some low-budget, buddy movie want-a-be. Bizarrely entertaining seems to be the rallying description of the movie, and when all is said and done, he was happy he spent a few hours with Danny and Pip.


Andy liked “Everyday,” but gives his proverbial warning that this is an artsy-kind of film, meaning that even though he gives it a high rating, it isn’t for everyone.