What’s New? A Podcast of: Lying is a Crime, Paula Abdul Needs to be Watched, and Dumb Robbers in Australia

For this podcast episode The Dude on the Right is upset that the federal government can’t find Osama Bin Laden, won’t make a decision on the Sirius/XM Satellite Radio merger, but instead seems to be worrying about who is lying, Roger Clemens or Brian McNamee. He is also a fan of the boobs on “Survivor: Micronesia,” but is worried for the safety of David Archuleta on “American Idol” now that Paula Abdul seems to want to decapitate him.
And, oh yea, he tells a story of some stupid robbers in Australia.

American Idol – The Ten Dudettes Who are Left


The Dude on the Right

The dudes tried their best for 70’s music, and didn’t do to well, so now it’s
time for the dudettes.  Here’s how I thought they did…


The Irish dudette who had a recording contract before. There’s still
something wrong about that.
Crazy on You – Heart
Like the bouncing, don’t like her tats, picked a good song for her, but
I wonder why she doesn’t work the stage more.

Syesha Mercado
She does do a pretty good baby cry.
Me and Mr(s). Jones – Billy Paul
– I actually liked the song, even though the judges didn’t seem to like it.
Maybe it came across better on TV than in the studio. She still needs to come
into her own.

Brooke White
You’re So Vain – Carly Simon
Almost seemed to be in the wrong key for her because she couldn’t hit
the low notes, but even though, it was good. I still like her, but if she’s
going to be working with the guitar she needs a wireless headset and work around
the stage because this ain’t no coffee shop.

Ramielle Malubay
We are happy to know she can hula dance!
Don’t Leave Me This Way – Thelma Houston
Maybe they aren’t allowed to actually work the crowd because so far
they all just stand in that middle circle, but I am liking Ramielle and thought
she did a great job. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the judges, but I
liked it.

Kristy Lee Cook
As opposed to seeing what the dudes are in their real life, we like
knowing what the dudettes are like, and I like that she’s a tomboy.
You’re No Good – Linda Ronstadt
Nice outfit, and she’s doing her best to work the song. I think she
sings purty as well. Please, voters, keep her around for a while!

Amanda Overmyer
She’s a bookworm, and a Harley chick, and a nurse.
Carry On Wayward Son – Kansas
Sure, she’s a rocker chick, but this was a horrible song especially
with the "American Idol" band being her back-up band.  She’s looking scary,
and in the end, that won’t work for this show.

Alaina Whitaker
Our staff member Big Cooter doesn’t like food touching each other either,
but at least he doesn’t use a different fork for each food.
Hopelessly Devoted to You – Olivia Newton-John
Stop the hunch back (it shows in the side shots), fix the gap in your
front teeth, but it just wasn’t a performance kind of song.  She was good,
should have done "You’re the One That I Want" from "Grease," in tight leather,
but needs work.  Head to the dark side – country music.

Alexandrea Lushington
If You Leave Me Now – Chicago
It’s a nice, simple song, but the key to this song is it being from
Chicago, the band.  She did a decent job, but nothing spectacular for me. 
There are probably so many more songs in the 70’s that she could have done that
are more in her wheelhouse, it was almost sad she did a song from Chicago – the
band, not the city.  If she had done a song from the city, not the band,
umm, sweet.

Kady Malloy
She sings opera – does she know Orff?
Magic Man – Heart
Since it seems the singers aren’t let loose to actually work the crowd,
Kady just looks like some chick singing a Heart song.  It really didn’t
work for me.  She’s cute, but man, bolt into "Carmina Burana" in the middle
and really make the song your own.

Asia’h Epperson
She was a cheerleader.  Ready, o kay.
All By Myself – Eric Carmen
It was nice and all, but she couldn’t hit the power ballad of it at the
beginning, instead worked it into the ending.  I think she got shorted
because she didn’t seem to do much of the song at all.  Simon was right in
his comments, even if she was coming off being sick.

Hell, at least some of the dudes seemed to pick up on what to sing with the
70’s era, but the ladies were all over the place and none of them kept up with
some of the dudes.  The voting will be interesting, and I won’t give you my
take on who should get the boot, but unless someone steps up in a huge way, or
he totally fucks up, David Archuleta has this season already in his back pocket.

Then again, if next week is the 80’s, at least some of these folks will be
singing songs released when they were alive.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

American Idol – The Ten Dudes Who are Left


The Dude on the Right

So last night was the night for the remaining dudes on "American Idol, and
here’s my rundown of what I thought of the dudes.  We’ll see if have enough
gumption to do a synopsis for the dudettes this week.  Here we go…

Michael Johns

  • Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac
  • Wrong song, can’t sing it, I really didn’t like it.
  • Jason Castro

  • Hates doing interviews – Dude you better get used to it.
  • I Just Want to be Your Everything – Andy Gibb
  • Don’t even think of doing a Gibb family song if you can’t do the high
    notes, and you can’t. I do like that he plays a guitar, but damn, is this a
    classic from the seventies with an acoustic guitar you should be trying to
    pull off?
  • Luke Menard

  • Killer Queen – Queen
  • Singing was okay but dude, can you at least try to be a performer? How
    do you do that – you work the stage. Quit standing there.
  • Robbie Carrico

  • We don’t really care that you drag race cars.
  • Hot Blooded – Foreigner
  • He just sounds boring as hell. There’s no inspiration in the
    performance. For me he was lame.
  • Danny Noriega

  • Don’t You Remember You told me you loved me Baby? – The Carpenters
  • What the hell is going on? Can’t any of these dudes be a performer? And
    he couldn’t sing the song well, either. Maybe the judges heard something
    else, but on my TV it was lame.
  • David Hernandez

  • Papa was a Rolling Stone – The Temptations
  • So far he’s the best performer out of the boys, but he dances like a,
    well, he doesn’t have soul. Singing-wise he was alright.
  • Jason Yeager

  • Long Train Running – The Doobie Bros.
  • He at least is trying to be a performer, but it doesn’t look genuine.
    Everything seems to be wrong with the song choices, or the fact that we
    don’t give a damn about he 70’s anymore.
  • Chikezie

  • I Believe to My Soul – Ray Charles
  • Did a hell of a lot better than last week. Seems to be coming into his
    own and might be a force to be reckoned with if he can keep it up. Still
    likes busting on Simon though, which might be fun.
  • David Cook

  • We don’t care that you’re a word nerd.
  • All Right Now – Bad Company
  • Did okay, but it’s hard to be a rocker with the "American Idol" band as
    your backup. Needs to work it more.
  • Dude, don’t bust on Simon. Chikezie is starting to quip with Simon well,
    but you just sound like an ass.
  • David Archuleta

  • He’s got everything working for him – the boy band looks, the voice, and
    the "I’m so humble attitude.
  • Imagine – John Lennon
  • Unless he screws up royally, or one of the hot dudettes gets millions of
    dudes to vote, he pretty much has thing already wrapped up. Somehow he made
    "Imagine" his own, and that’s not an easy thing to do.
  • Some of the dudes showed they might have a chance in this thing, but a lot of
    them still don’t know how to pick a song.  If next week is about the 80’s,
    at least some of the songs might have been put out after these dudes were born.

    That’s it for this one! 
    I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

    There Are Still Too Many American Idols for Me to Care.


    The Dude on the Right

    As a fan of "American
    I have to agree with my mom that there are still too many contestants
    for me to really care.  Sure, they trimmed it down to 24, twelve dudes and
    twelve dudettes, but after watching the dudes do their singing yesterday, I
    could care less about them.  The dudettes are tonight, but other than
    checking out which ones are doing the smart thing, namely trying to look hot as
    well as sing well, I don’t think I care about them, either.

    The other thing,
    and maybe I’m wrong about this (go ahead, correct me), but I don’t think they
    used to start right off the bat with a theme, at least not for the top 24. 
    I always thought that, at the beginning, they let the kids pick any song, from
    any genre, from any time period, as long as it was on the approved "we’ve got
    the rights to this" list, to kind of show what these people thought they could
    sing well.  Instead the boys were dropped right into the fire, with it now
    being 60’s week, where most of the dudes seemed to struggle because A) They
    didn’t seem to realize they were suppose to make it their own, nor 2) I’m
    guessing most of them had no idea how to make it their own, what with now being
    with the band and all.  The judges kept blasting them for singing the song
    as the song was originally done, but I didn’t think that, at this stage, most of
    our twelve dudes would be comfortable enough saying something like "Hey, band
    people, I’m singing Elvis’ "Suspicious Minds," but I want it done in a hip-hop
    style that maybe Kanye West would do.  I don’t really know what that means,
    but since I have to make the song my own, and you’re the band, well, you figure
    it out."  Some of the dudes did okay, I don’t think anyone sucked that bad,
    but it seems odd, at this early stage of the competition, for the contestants to
    have to reconfigure classics (and oh, by the way, the folks at "American Idol"
    need to look at a calendar because Danny’s version of "Jailhouse Rock" belonged
    in 50’s week, as it was released in 1957, I believe) into something

    We’ll see how the ladies do tonight, and after yesterday I can
    probably guess there might have been a lot of scrambling, with maybe one of them
    saying "I am now doing "Baby Love" by The Supremes, and you better figure out
    how to make it sound like a version that Amy Winehouse would do."  Somehow
    I don’t think that would actually happen. My guess is the judges will be saying
    the same thing as yesterday, with maybe a couple girls, hopefully the
    good-looking ones, somehow making the song their own.

    That’s it for this one! 
    I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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    “American Idol” Gives us Blake and Jordin. And Who Cares, Conspiracy Theories be Damned.


    The Dude on the Right

    Okay, I’m having computer issues making posting things not as easy as they used
    to be, at least for now, but it’s the "American Idol" finals so I knew I
    couldn’t let any of you down in getting this posted, no matter the difficulties.

    We’ve got Blake.  We’ve got Jordin.  And we don’t have Sanjaya nor
    Melinda, which I think is a travesty.  An "American Idol" conspiracy, maybe
    tomorrow we’ll have the votes certified by some accountants, but it’s too late
    for that now because who cares at this point, because at this point it’s dude
    against dudette; Perky against Beat-Box.  And here’s what I think…

    Blake 1: Sings "You Give Love a Bad Name."
      The Robot was funny in the
    movie "Euro Trip," but Blake’s stuff is just getting old.  He does work it
    as a performer, but now it turns into selling records, and I won’t buy it. 
    Hopefully they’ll straighten him out in the recording studio and forget about
    the beat-box crap because he does sing well.  Simon has it right that he is
    a good performer.

    Jordin 1: Sings "Fighter." She looks like she lost a
    couple of more pounds, which works, and this time starts actually trying to be a
    performer instead of just a singer.  The side-shot was bad as she was
    hunched over, and although not as charismatic as Christina Aguilera she’s coming

    Blake 2: Sings "She Will be Loved." Good song choice and he
    sings it well.  Win or lose this shows his potential to be a singer without
    the beat-box shtick.

    Jordin 2: Sings "A Broken Wing." Yup, they’re
    trying to primp her out of the little black girl to the mature singer (she is
    only 17 after all) role with the hair changes and the outfits.  We know she
    sings great, but she still hasn’t busted out as a performer yet.

    Blake 3:
    Sings "This is My Now."
     A songwriting contest winner.  You can
    probably figure Blake (or Jordin) would rather sing a solid song from an
    established songwriter, but Blake does his best to work the song, and be the
    performer he is.

    Jordin 3: Sings "This is My Now." Trying to look
    older, trying to look not so perky, and it doesn’t work for her, at least in my
    head for her recording career.  We liked her because she was young, perky,
    with curly hair and not trying to look older than being 17.  She’s not the
    sexy/dirty Christina, she’s not the sexy/dirty Britney, she’s the bouncy and
    perky Whitney, and they took that away from her tonight.

    I’m still thinking
    Jordin will beat Blake, at least I hope so, but they tried to add about 4 or 5
    years to Jordin when she didn’t really need it.  Let her be the perky
    teenager she is, give us that music she can do, but don’t try to fool us because
    she’s still just a teenager, and not in the vein of the dirty girl of Britney or

    On a personal note, I’m really happy "American Idol" is over
    tomorrow.  The better singers/performers/hot girls are long gone, and we
    are, and I"m sorry to put it this way, we are left with Jordin and Blake. 
    Of who is left, well, they both win because the record company already knows
    what to do with them, conspiracy theories be damned.

    That’s it for this one! 
    I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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